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Graphic Design

Athens, GA

Graphic design is essential for branding and selling your company. When it comes to purchasing decisions, more than 90% of consumers say that aesthetics have the biggest effect.

Because content is assessed within 90 seconds after being viewed, a strong design might be what differentiates purchase and a wasted chance. JAXTOWN WEBSITES offers unique graphic design solutions to businesses in Athens and surrounding areas. Companies only have a few seconds to present their product or idea, and we have the knowledge and design talents to help you stand out from the pack.

Branding (Logo Design)

Your brand is represented by your logo. Don’t put it in the hands of beginners. Our staff ensures that your logo design is done correctly the first time. JAXTOWN WEBSITES is the firm you need to develop the logo that will represent your brand and guide you for the next decade.

While we are frequently called in to help with logo designs, this is only a small portion of what we do. Have you ever known that various colors represent distinct moods and emotions in logos? That is just one of the many elements we examine when creating the perfect logo for our clients! Your trademark consists of more than simply a few colors.

It is a representation of your company’s ideology. When done correctly, it demonstrates your level of expertise, detail, ingenuity, and ability to give excellent customer service. Branding created correctly will stimulate top of mind awareness and brand loyalty to keep customers coming back.

Our branding and design process

First, we meet with our clients one-on-one to pick their brains about what their brand represents, their identity, and how we can incorporate their persona into their branding and logo. Then, as graphic artists, we at JAXTOWN WEBSITES get together and begin the designing process.

To guarantee that we are on the correct track, we provide approval to our clients in which they recognize the developed logo, branding, or campaign.

Then there’s “Editing.” We take time to reflect and determine if we missed something in our first submission, or we alter the logo to get it just right for you.

Finally, we have “Final Approval.” You have the last word as it’s your company. We provide one free revision at final approval.

Print and Digital Advertising

We also provide print and advertising services, which include:

  • Print – We design business cards, letterhead, postage, every door direct mail, billboards, brochures, and menus, among other things.
  • Digital — This includes banners, digital letterheads, FavIcons, Social Media Icons, and so on. We are experienced with all types of lead generation services such as Service Local Ads and Google Adwords advertising.

We have designed logos, business cards, letterheads, and billboards for the following industries: real estate, health, management, e-commerce, automotive, and legal.